it Will hurt again by vanja Basic


You woke me up last night.
About two.
I am waking up.
It was like I was crying.
I looked in the mirror and a tear welled up.
Probably because of the day
I left crying.
I didn’t even turn around.
The last kiss I remember I wanted.
Why did I dream of you?
Why are my breasts tight?
Why am I crying,
why did I wake up?

Heart deceptive!

I carry within me a trace of our time left just like that somewhere in this life where I am sorry I did not leave you on time.

What would that change?
When was one meeting held?
To silence everything.
Lips on lips
Mission impossible completed.
It’s not.
Everyone laughs at us.

Here is spring.
It will hurt.

Who can know what is happening to people?
Strange with strange somehow merged.
Should it be weird that they broke up?
When everyone is in their world.
When everyone works to their detriment
Maybe it shapes happiness.

Someone has to surrender to oblivion.
someone smiled without looking back.

Someone wakes up at night
because of some part of the heart
something called love comes in dreams.
You sleep, you wake up in the new days
pray to heaven not to return in dreams.
Even when it’s the day
he knows it’s happening
thoughts travel wondering where everything has gone.

Here is spring.
It will hurt again.

Vanja Bašić
Bosnia and Herzegovina

it Will hurt again by vanja Basic

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