who you are my lady by Aziz Mountassir and Nassira Peota

Who are you my lady?: a collaborative work of:
Aziz Mountassir 🇲🇦 and Nassira Nezzar Nassira Poeta 🇩🇿
Video 👉: https://youtu.be/C0ysW9nHy8I
The original poem is in Arabic language and this one is the English translation
Translated by me: Nassira Nezzar 🇩🇿

You’re dreaming
As if you’re a dream on bed
In your whispering
A kiss song
And inside you
A cristal, pain and joy
Your morning
A bird awaiting
And your choice is restricted
in life’s springs

Oh.. Sir!
I’m the scream of silence
Under the shades of patience
Oh… Sir!
I’m an orphaned poem
Adopted by the power of time
Oh… Sir!
I’m a smile on dead lips
Kissing the edge of life’s glass
For sipping a drop of hope

The herbs of your banks
are getting yellowish
In the spring of seasons
Your heart is a will’s water
As a night without hope
Under silent stars
In front of autumn’s winds
As a melody without guitar

The reader
Of my silent ashes
Come closer to me
And take out from my eyelashes
the tears of lostness
Listen to the noisy sighs of patience
In the depth of my chest
I’m the destiny’s poem
So read me

My eyes had never seen
A soul carrying the serenity of night
In your silence a calm of scream
In your talk the death of sorrows
You joyfully plant the roses
and you keep the thistles for yourself
You brighten your presence
With your vivid side
While the dead one is hidden
I thought your life is a spring
But you’re a happiness confronting pains
You’re a patience obscures
the torrent of tears
Who are you my lady?

From that deep silence
I hid
To embrace the loud noise
of my heart
I looked at the sky of destiny
I found the stars combined
And I’ m sitting alone
The sad sights of my soul
disperse me
I’m blaming the destiny
and they are blaming me

who you are my lady by Aziz Mountassir and Nassira Peota

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