Dr.Amb.Yasmine Khera Bio

Yasmine BIO:Yasmine is an award-winning role model, art director, fashion designer, model, stylist, television presenter and host, actor, public speaker and humanitarian with a global reach and an international footprint. Raised around the world including residing in USA, Canada and UK, Yasmine overcame personal adversity to shine in education, film, television, music, fashion and humanitarian work. She became a family and youth counsellor to spread her message of self-esteem, confidence and happiness through her work in the arts and media with schools, families and A-List talent.There are many sides to Yasmine: she is an international, award-winning role model (IAA Awards, BEFFTA, AAA 4 Success, WAW Awards); a cutting-edge style and fashion tastemaker and trendsetter (Trendy Couture); a couture model with worldwide recognition; a celebrated art director and production designer to films and television shows in London, Canada, Asia and USA; a high-profile, motivational public speaker on self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness; an international celebrity image stylist and MUA/ Hair Stylist for A-List talent; an experienced and talented red-carpet anchor, talk-show host and lifestyle presenter; a highly qualified psychologist counsellor; and a citizen activist, through her global humanitarian ‘People Are Not Products’ campaign. Yasmine’s self-penned attitude is, ‘I am here to give trendsetting power to the people. Start the day with God. 90% is about the show up for the project and the rest 10% is about the work which is as easy as breathing. And then end the brilliant day with God regardless of the outcome of the work.’Yasmine’s talent, versatility and sunny personality have seen her work with a deep and growing list of industry-respected, well-known arts, media and fashion people across the world. She often collaborates with others, all in the service of promoting her love of humanity and providing a strong work ethic as a high-moral role model to inspire others.Her work record is vast and impressive, both as a role entrepreneur/artist and in collaboration with the likes of Gene Simmons (KISS); Tech N9ne; Lil’ Kim; Swollen Members; Chris Hemsworth; Andy Hilfiger; Alexander McQueen; Ma Barker; Dr Pauline Long; The Outlaws; Maestro Fresh Wes; Madonna; N.O.R.E. ..and the list goes on.

Dr.Amb.Yasmine Khera Bio

Yasmine has many accolades, her most recent international awards include: International Achievement Awards (Female Role Model Of The Year); Twice BEFFTA Award Winner (International Entertainment Icon Award) ; BEFFTA Top 1000 People Award; AAA Foundation Awards (Humanitarian Global Icon); LOANI Board and Executive Team Award (Canadian International Ambassador for Self Esteem), Woman Appreciating Woman Awards (Hall Of Fame Honours), The Oracles (Best TV Presenter), Fab Magazine Awards (Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment and Showbiz Industry). 

Yasmine’s vision for her future is to build her platform still further – in film, television, digital media, fashion and beyond – to continue to inspire people to be better versions of themselves and to care about their humanity, each other and the evolution of mankind and its planet. Yasmine says, in her People Are Not Products campaign: ‘Our People Are Not Products human activist campaign against low self esteem issues transcends age, colour, gender, religion, ethnicity, creed and every barrier because it believes in empowering the best you – the true optimistic positive you. Help us change and empower the global mindset one human at a time.’

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