Aneeta Chitale @ Spring Dance

Spring Dance – Poem -2
© Aneeta Chitale

Spring Dance

If you play your flute
I will dance
On your tunes
I will keep my feet
On cosmic , myriad flowers bloom

I will dance in spring
When birds will fly with twigs
Chirp on old vines
When ferns and lilies

And the blade of grass grows
In rain dance !
If you allure me
I will dance on the oceans!

I will be ambrosia
Of your desires
If you will play the flute
I will dance on
Charming tunes
In sunny shades and
In the moon light

I will waltz with you
Under the azure sky
Bejeweled Orion will charm
The lonely passer by’s

If you will let me fly
Over the lands and skies
I will be your Nakshatra
I will be your Aphrodite
I will be your Venus
I will be your Sun
I will be your Muse
I will be your Music
I will be your Spring Equinox
I will be your Goddess
I will be your Dionysus!

Poet © Aneeta Chitale

Aneeta Chitale @ Spring Dance

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