From Iris’s poems about war and peace

Iris Calif, resident of the State of Israel, poet, writer, translator of poetry (to Hebrew), and dancer. Iris is also In charge of all foreign connection for the cultural and literature internet magazine “in direction of the wind”, Writer in “Mokasini” Magazine Culture & Lifestyle Magazine,

Editor and translator in the “World Poetry” section of the literature website “Rooms”

member of the Composers’ Association of Hebrew authors and publishers in Israel named “ ACUM

iris was awarded a diploma from “The Russian Professional Writers Union” and the international magazine “Arina NN”, registered in the Ministry of Culture of Russia for her contribution to world culture “International Poetic Community” 2022

She holds an honorary doctorate from the International Forum for Creativity, Humanity and Coexistence, Kingdom of Morocco

Iris is 49 years old: married and mother of three daughters

Her three books were publisher:

In a fascinating (or magic) lane breathes (or blows) Lolita on On 2001

Wild moon on 2017

And The daughter of GOD on 2020.

She is currently working on her fourth book of scripture.

Her poems have been published on radio, television, magazines in Israel and abroad, literary websites, the Internet and newspapers, and have been translated by international poets into Spanish, Bengali, Chinese,Turkish, Nepali, Assamese and Italian.

Her poetry reflects the inner journey of her soul, which looks through love, dreams life, and breathes holy worlds, in the hidden spirit, and is a symbol and expression of her victory over Anorexia, and her choice of choosing life and love with courage.

The dove of God spirit of the land-living peace / Iris calif

And the rain will drip strewn with the blood of a human being that was created from the Roots of his quarry field to the Promised Land 

And the sun gaze to the Eternity world of the breathing spirit, a root of rain, of a human living 

And they shall come to the mystery, the abode, of  the gates of  Garden heaven,

And the angels of God shall ascend breaths upon them,

And the mountain of Sinai shall rise and flare with tempestuous flame,

And the fire of war shall break forth violently.

In Canaan, Eve of God, Lord of the heaven worlds,

God looked upon, our Father in Heaven, Master of all deeds, God of the worlds,

And shall send the dove of death upon the land of the patriarchs,

The land of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Joseph, Saul, and David,

The land of Sarah, Rachel, Leah, and Rebecca,

A holy land a foundation stone,

A land of splendor,

A land of essence

The destined land,

A land of Virtue

A land of nature creation dripping milk and honey.

And there shall be a shadow of death upon the heights ; field in the land of   Zion, upon The Face of the abysmal land, 

And on that day, 7.10.2023, in the morning’s glow of creation’s Sabbath kingdom,

Tears of death upon the house of Israel’s Sabbath rivers, the Sabbath of weeping of Death,

And the sons of death shall invade the land of splendor, sons of evil spirit, sons of Wickedness, sons of darkness, Sons of sins.

And they shall flank and destroy, all the halo of creation’s all the Humanity of the Loving Spirit voice, and all the living in the seasons Soul  heart of the human

And they shall march to the voice of the God of Halo, the soul of the Jewish spirit,

And they shall slaughter and commit their atrocities,

And tcruel evil wickedness shall crouching   in their beastl  human form 

And I, the Iris,

Daughter of brave Yaakov

Daughter of human and  Eve,

Daughter of Israel Zion,

Daughter of Love 

Daughter of the prophets, 

Daughter of Peace

Daughter of the desert,

Daughter of the sun,

 Daughter of the halo

 Daughter of Heaven

Daughter of the moon,

Daughter of the stars,

Daughter of the Land 

Daughter of the rain,

Daughter of the wheat,

Daughter of the night,

Daughter of the breastplate,

Daughter of the Priests of Eternals Worlds

 Daughter of life

Daughter of God

I gaze upon the blood of my tears

To the heavens holy face of God,

And I will pray ; 

To the living God of my supplication

To the living God of my dream

To the living God of my soul,

To the living God of my body,

To the Living God of my heart,

To the living God of  the eternity of my oath, 

To the dove of God spirits of the eternal land of peace living.

The Human universal Iris Flower of World of Peace / Iris calif 


Our Father in Heaven

Lord of all the lands

Sovereign of all the Worlds

I’m naked from the flame of mysterious reds rivers heaven land Zion 

As a human universal iris flower 

I am breathing occult to the spirit of the whiteness virginity, pure dream

In the candlesticks of heaven’s living the purple halo of my burning Candle

As Iris, a human flower, am inflaming my fire goddess Worlds dance to a human Star Moon David in the land of Canaan 

And in pure wilderness of human Eve, desert, ashes, days gather my promised land Life

And the holy tempest was purified

Kneeling in me world of love

Creates my Israel heart

To a Human Flower Iris,

In the eternity of the Spiri of Eternal universal World Peace

From Iris's poems about war and peace

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